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7th Gen Intel Core line-up blooms with desktop, VPro and Xeon CPUs

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With 7th Gen Intel Core processors for ultraportables and 2 in 1s already out in the wild, it’s time for the second wave of 7th Gen CPUs to take a bow.

Not only do these new 14nm+ chips promise more productivity, more speed, more responsiveness, more security and the power to deliver more immersive experiences, they’re now designed for every type of PC.

Not just for desktops

The range of new processors debuted in January and includes: new, low-power Y-Series chips for detachable 2 in 1s and Compute Sticks; U-Series CPUs for thin and light laptops, convertibles and mini PCs; powerful, VR-ready H-Series processors for mobile workstations and enthusiast laptops; not to mention the VR-ready S-Series silicon for traditional desktops and All In Ones.

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7th gen Intel Core processor
Intel’s Navin Shenoy holds a 7th Gen Intel Core processor.

Some of these new chips have some new tricks. The new H-Series processors, for example, deliver double-digit productivity performance increases – up to 20 percent for performance and gaming notebooks and 25 percent for desktops.

“With 4K and 360-degree content,” says Intel’s Navin Shenoy, “people can expect up to 65 percent faster performance on notebooks and 35 percent faster on desktops.”

Perfect for overclocking

The S-Series chips, meanwhile include unlocked Core i7-7700K, Core i5-7600K and Core i3-7350K models, making them perfect for enthusiast overclocking. Key S-Series processors will also be ready to work with Intel Optane memory, which has the potential to give large capacity hard disk drives SSD-like speeds.

7th Generation desktop processors are designed ‘for a great VR experience.’

Hours after the i7-7700K officially launched, overclockers managed to push the chip to new limits, setting eight new performance world records. The arrival of the unlocked i3-7350K will allow the overclocking community to take a budget processor and dramatically boost its capabilities.

4K-capable graphics

Intel’s newest U-Series CPUs, which include the 2.5GHz Core i7-7567U and 3.5GHz Core i7-7567U, now come with Iris Plus Graphics. These 4K-capable chipsets pack 64MB of eDRAM to deliver 65 percent better 3D graphics performance than previous Intel HD graphics solutions.

“The new Intel Iris Plus graphics in laptops makes it possible to take a game like Overwatch with you and play in full HD,” says Shenoy.

Gunslinger McCree
Play Overwatch on the go with a 7th Gen Intel Core processor and Intel Iris Plus Graphics.

For businesses, processors like the Intel Core m5-6Y57 and the Core i5-7600 blend 7th Gen architecture with vPro technology for a 65 percent increase in productivity when compared with a 5-year-old PC. While new Xeon processors strengthen security with advancements in hardware-enhanced security and two-factor authentication built right into the silicon.

“No matter who it’s for,” says Shenoy, “the business focused on manageability, authentication and security; the enthusiast demanding the best possible VR and gaming rig; the movie buff wanting to take premium 4K UHD entertainment on the go; or the professional who requires the power and reliability of a mobile workstation – Intel’s latest 7th Gen Intel Core processor has you covered.”

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