A 360° 4K Music Video Clip in Five Steps.

Do you remember the early days of MTV and the featured Music Video clips? Flashy lights, a few visual effects, some dance moves nicely mixed with playback. It was fun, but technology has evolved since then. S0 iQ wondered, what is possible today? With 4k Ultra HD (2160p) being adopted as the 4K standard and YouTube now officially supporting 360° videos, we had an idea.

Equipped with our hardware (a high end Intel® Core™ i7 based desktop with Intel®  Iris™ graphics and six 4K GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition cameras) and software (Kolor Autopano Video Pro) we started an adventure to create a 360° 4K Music Video Clip.

Step 1. Find An Artist

Noa Neal is a well known female singer from Belgium. She has her own TV show and recently had a couple of big hits. We spoke to her about the idea of creating a 360° Music Video Clip: Noa was immediately on board. It took a couple of brainstorming sessions – because creating a 360° video is quite a different ball game than a regular video – but we all said “Let’s do this“!


Step 2. Select A Song

Out of the list of possible new songs ready to be released, “Graffiti“ was the one that stood out for our experiment. This great track by hot US producer Mighty Mike was written by Ellie Wyatt, Mighty Mike and Noa herself. “Graffiti“ was recorded at MAD DOG studios in LA.


Step 3. Secure A setting

With a song called “Graffiti“, it was time for some location checking. Soon a couple of options popped up e.g. a skating area with graffiti. Then this street was discovered. Deal!


The production team quickly imagined having a couple of 50’s cars in that street to finish off the setting. A couple of phone calls later, fireworks, coloured smoke bombs and a Harley Davidson were added to the scene.


A singer comes with a band. To have a great experience, we put the 6 GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition cameras on a stick placed between Noa and the band itself, on a trailer.

Step 4. Record

A 360 degrees video requires a lot of things are happening at every given moment, at every view point of view. We gathered an enthusiast crowd of over 20 youngsters including cheerleaders, dancers, skaters and acrobats to pick up the challenge.


In a regular Music Video clip you can go for fast cuts and sequences. For this 360° one, the decision was made to go for one take as the viewer needs time to navigate around in the clip. The next challenge was to have everyone prepared and briefed before hitting the record button.


After a few rehearsals, he six GoPro cameras were turned on.

Step 5. Stitch

The footage from the 6 cameras was taken from the SD cards and stitched using Kolor Autopano Video Pro. This software allows to automatically create the 360° movie. The software is multi-threaded and thus takes full advantage of the Intel Core i7 processor.

If this would have been done this on a 4 year old desktop, it would have taken on average 2 to 3 times longer.

YouTube? Kolor? Oculus Rift? You decide!

iQ is proud to present to you the result. A  360° Music Video created to show you what technology, a high end PC and some fun can make happen. Launch the YT video, hold the left click of the mouse and navigate at 360 degrees.

You can also view the clip on the Kolor Eyes website.

Or you can use the Kolor Eyes player. This free multi-platform video player decodes 360° video real-time and is optimized for  Intel® Clear Video HD Technology for hardware accelerated video playback. You can then read 360° video from your Atom or Intel Core processor from 720p up to 4K.  And for the real freaks, download and watch the clip using your Oculus Rift.

FULL HD: http://www.kolor.com/360-videos-files/noa-neal-graffiti-360-music-video-full-hd.mp4
4K: http://www.kolor.com/360-videos-files/noa-neal-graffiti-360-music-video-4k.mp4

You like the song? Good news. “Graffiti“ is now available on iTunes 

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