BBQ gadgets: High-tech solutions for the perfect steak

André Vatter Writer

Yes, it’s barbecue season again! From sinfully expensive smoking wood and fragile pizza stones to steak branding irons, people are digging out all manner of things ready for the BBQ. But we’re willing to bet that the ingenious BBQ gadgets described below are news to at least some experts…


Push notification reminders

Having to constantly hang around the BBQ to turn the food is also a real conversation killer — “I’ll be right there” is a favored expression among BBQ kings. The iGrill, an intelligent Bluetooth thermometer for the BBQ, solves that very problem. The gadget, around 100 US dollars, connects the steak wirelessly to your smartphone and sends a push notification to remind you when it is time to return to the BBQ.


CyberQ WiFi

Keep an eye on three items of food at once

If you invite the entire local football team, you need to make sure you’re well equipped. For just under 300 US dollars, you can get your hands on the CyberQ WiFi — a WiFi-enabled BBQ server that can be controlled via your smartphone or computer. This device can keep an eye on three items of food on the BBQ at the same time, regulating the temperature automatically. When the meat reaches the desired consistency, the gadget reduces the gas flame so that the meat is kept warm without ending up as tough as the sole of a boot.


Bob Grillson Premium 2014

All you have to do is eat

This showpiece from the world of BBQ cuisine is perfect for people who want all of their food in barbecued form. The premium, WLAN-enabled version of the Bob Grillson grill , which costs around 3700 euro makes buying an additional oven seem rather excessive. This grill is fitted with all kinds of sensors that send information about the pump pressure, pellet level and temperature straight to your smartphone. Once everything has been cooked, the grill automatically starts a program that cleans the entire unit. The only thing left for you to do is eat.


Looks just like a satellite dish

Fossil fuels are going out of style. Renewable energy is becoming an increasingly popular guest at garden parties. The SolSource Solar Cooker (a former Kickstarter project) looks just like a satellite dish and requires no additional power. The metal dish collects and concentrates rays of sunlight, which are then transferred to a grill about the size of a frying pan. According to the manufacturer, the SolSource Solar Cooker takes around ten minutes to heat a liter of water. Other solar BBQs are also available from ID Cook.


BioLite CampStove

Also functions as a portable charger

The BioLite CampStove—a BBQ and a stove in one—is a small but perfectly formed technical marvel. At its heart is a fuel chamber measuring around 20 cm in height, which holds a rechargeable battery with integrated fan. The intensity of the fire is regulated by the flow of air that feeds into the chamber. The CampStove takes just five minutes to boil a liter of water. But what’s really special about this product is that it converts the heat back into electricity so that you can use it to charge your smartphone or tablet at the same time.

BBQ apps

Recipes, tips and tricks, plus a BBQ timer

You always end up cooking the same sausages and steaks?  Have a look in the app stores as recipe books are only ever a few clicks away. The “Weber’s On the Grill” app (EUR 4.49), is a true classic. As well as a whole host of recipes, this app contains all manner of tips and tricks, plus a BBQ timer.



Slider photo: Flickr — Alexander Granholm (CC BY 2.0)

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