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Did you ever dream of being able to control, in real time, you own avatar? How fun would it be to see an accurate and expressive avatar of yourself and to be able to speak with your friends or colleagues this way?

Up to now this type of face tracking technology was not accessible. It was restricted to large game studios and Hollywood companies, where it is used it to create animations for their blockbusters. The high price of the hardware and software made it impossible for non-specialists to use this technology.

With faceshift, this time has changed.

Intel, the Swiss-based startup faceshift and the US-based video chat and messaging expert ooVoo have worked together to provide a vision of online virtual communication and avatar-based gaming on consumer devices.

Firstly, the new Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera provides both depth and HD videoand is small enough to be embedded in consumer devices. This hardware is designed for close range human-computer interactions such as gesture tracking.


Secondly, faceshift’s softwareanalyses all the data generated by the Intel RealSense 3D camera and outputs meaningful expressions and eye gaze information, which are used to drive the virtual character.


The Intel® RealSense™ technology itself is now getting embedded into laptops, All-In-Ones and other devices from companies like ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Fujitsu, and NEC.

With this hardware directly integrated into your computer and an affordable and easy-to-use application like faceshift, motion capture and facial tracking are made accessible to consumers.

3D sensors inside consumer devices are key for fully immersive virtual worlds. Online communication with avatars will become a natural experience, once our avatars come alive by accurately reflecting all our emotions.

 This is a game changer!

Mooly Eden, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Perceptual Computing at Intel declared “The combination of Intel RealSense technology and faceshift technology provides a new level of robustness and fidelity on a consumer device. This is a game changer for online communication and in-game avatar use.”

Thibaut Weise, faceshift CEO, agrees: “The combination of faceshift and Intel RealSense puts animation-studio technology into the hands of consumers.”

Are you interested in buying a device with an integrated Intel RealSense Camera? You can discover and experience more here.


About faceshift

Launched in June 2012, Swiss-based faceshift is a spinoff from ETH and EPFL. Their professional motion capture product is currently used all over the world for movie and game production, monitoring emotional response, security, and research studies. Additional information can be found at

About ooVoo

Intel has partnered with ooVoo, a leader in video chat to make chatting more real, more engaging and more intimate using Intel RealSense technology. ooVoo already uses the power of Intel-powered processors for excellent HD video call quality that is both smooth and clear for low power devices and low bandwidth situations. Now ooVoo has tapped into Intel RealSense technology and worked with Faceshift, to create a facial avatar video chat product that has life-like facial mimicking expressions of real people. A quick facial scan creates a custom avatar that mimics your expressions. There will also be fun new background replacement and background blur features.  

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