Computex 2016 wows with liquid-cooled laptops and Extreme Edition CPUs

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If you thought that your current computer was fast, the Computex 2016 show in Taiwan recently showcased the “the most powerful gaming laptop in the world” and Intel’s “most powerful desktop processor ever.”

The former is the ASUS ROG GX800 gaming laptop, a machine that will rock a powerful Intel Core i7 CPU and twin 330W power supplies. Like its forebear, the ROG GX700, this new portable Windows 10 PC can be docked into a cooling module to slosh coolant around its high-end, heat-generating innards.

This ASUS Hydro Overclocking System helps the GX800 dissipate the heat from its cranked-up CPU, DRAM and GPU. In the GX700, the GPU was a mighty GeForce GTX980. ASUS isn’t saying exactly what’s inside the improved ROG model yet, only that it’s “engineered with the latest NVIDIA SLI GPU and Intel K-series CPUs for powerful desktop-like performance.”

ASUS ROG GX800 at Computex 2016
The ASUS ROG GX800 gaming laptop docks into a liquid-cooling system.

Speaking of desktop performance, Intel appeared at Computex 2016 to unwrap the Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition — its most powerful desktop processor. Ever.

“Just as consumers are expanding what they’re doing with their PCs,” said Gregory Bryant, corporate VP and general manager of the Connected Home and Commercial Client group, “the Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition delivers a new level of capability — now with up to 10 cores of mind-blowing performance.”

That’s 10 cores. Twenty threads of computing power. Forty PCIe lanes for system expansion, and new levels of performance thanks to Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 and quad-channel memory support.

The Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition at Computex 2016
The new Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition features up to 10 cores and 20 computing threads.

In short, the top-end Intel Core i7-6950X processor has over twice the computing power of a four core processor. It doesn’t just give gamers and content creators the ability to multi-task, it allows them to multi-multi-task.

Intel calls this boosted versatility ‘mega-tasking.’

“Enthusiasts expect to push their systems with multiple compute intensive applications at the same time,” said Bryant at Computex 2016, citing the processor-intensive demands of virtual reality and 4K video editing. “[With the new Extreme Edition CPU] it’s possible to work on virtually every aspect of a project simultaneously.”

If you want to see the Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition in action, follow the Extreme Rig Challenge. The competition pits 12 system builders against each other to construct the most extreme gaming rig featuring the new CPU and Intel’s SSD 750 Series SSDs. The winners will be announced at PAX Prime in August.

Find more gaming resources from Intel here

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