First V1sion. A wearable project made real by Edison.

In 2014, Intel launched the Make It Wearable challenge to encourage research and innovation in wearable technology—technology applied to accessories and clothing with infinite possibilities. First V1sion was one of the competition finalists.

This Spanish team has developed a new sports broadcasting system.

This system consists of a T-shirt with sensors and a camera, which allows to really enjoy the athlete’s point of view in sports like basketball, soccer, tennis or athletics, similar to what nowadays is already possible in motorsports.

Powered by Intel® Edison

The T-shirt incorporates an Intel® Edison chip, which has allowed the team to integrate all the elements into one and make them work as a single product.

We are delighted to see how the project has progressed over the past few months. First V1sion is now a reality. José Ildefonso, CEO and founder of the project, highlights the support they received from Intel:

“Our experience in the Make It Wearable competition was unforgettable. We lived the dream and we learned the true meaning of the word innovation. Thanks to Intel’s support, we had a special role at the Mobile World Congress. The media paid more attention to us than ever and the whole world wanted to see our model playing with the ball at the Intel stand.”

#SeBuscanValientes, be brave like Iniesta and Ibaka

First V1sion has launched the first funding round from a crowdfunding platform aiming to raise at least €1 million. They have some big supporters, as professional athletes Andrés Iniesta (FC Barcelona) and Serge Ibaka (Oklahoma City Thunder) have shown their support by becoming partners and investors in the company.

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