Five essential festival gadgets no one should be without


We’re only just drying down our tent and washing the mud from our wellies, but we’re already thinking about what best gadgets to take to our next festival outing.

Here we pick five of our favourites that have made this festival season easy!


LifeProof Waterproof Smartphone Case 


Protecting your smartphone from mud, cider, dust and general damage is essential, and so some form of protective case is in order. Our pick is this LifeProof case that’s available for iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy S4/5/6, and features full waterproofing and a tough shell that stops your phone being damaged from a drop of up to two metres.


Soulra Rugged Rukus Solar Powered Bluetooth Sound System


Taking some time out to chill around the tents is made infinitely more homely with some personal tunes. The Rukus is just the job, tough as an old jerrycan, drop-proof from a meter and waterproof to boot. It packs two impressive 1inch speakers with Bluetooth and line-in connectivity and it doubles as a solar charger for your phone.


BioLite NanoGrid


Lighting your camp area is ridiculously simple using this smart multi-light system. You can create your own grid of overhead lanterns by daisy-chaining them together, and ‘break-off’ a single lantern to use as a torch. It’s battery is impressive too, and can be used to fully charge three-and-a-half GoPros, three phones, or emit light for up to 72 hrs!




This was our first festival season as a smart watch wearer and we can genuinely say having one has been a festival enhancer. Catching calls and texts from friends while in the throws of a Metallica set was made easy with the vibrating alerts on the Basis Peak; and setting alarms and reminders for stage times was another great boon. RFID payments are already in use in the US, where festivals like Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits are completely cash free, and with the UK festivals following we can see why a wrist-based wearable could be the ultimate festival gadget come Glastonbury 2016.


Narrative Clip Wearable Camera


Whipping out your phone every few minutes to try and grab a piece of the action can be annoying – for you and your fellow crowd members. The answer is a wearable camera, like this one from Narrative Clip. It can store 6,000 5 megapixel photos, and can be set to take a picture every 30seconds, or when a wearer double-taps its case. The software side is good too: automatically uploading your images to the cloud and then sorting them in to ‘moments’ that you can post and share. — Tom Dennis (@tomdennis)

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