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The gaming chairs you didn’t know you wanted

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Most people play videogames either slumped on the sofa or sat in an office-style chair in front of their PC. But there are several companies that produce dedicated gaming chairs, designed to support you in all the right places and make those hours spent playing Destiny 2 just fly right by.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Why do I need a ‘gaming chair’?

The short answer is that you need to be comfortable. Sitting in one place for too long is bad for your health. In fact, with health studies linking sedentary behaviour to heart disease, obesity, diabetes and even cancer, sitting could literally be killing us.

If you’ve already spent a lot of money on your PC, then dropping a few hundred quid on a decent gaming chair will be money well invested. There are plenty of different manufacturers to choose from, including Maxnomic, Noblechairs, Vertagear, Nitro Concepts, DXRacer , Levl and AKRacing; not to mention different types of seat from office-style bum-rest to pedal-equipped racing cockpit.

Here are just a few that caught our eye.

Good gaming chairs
If you’re just looking for something healthier to sit in without breaking the bank, you might be better off with a good office chair, rather than a dedicated branded gaming unit.

Maxnomic, for example, sells a range of office and gaming chairs under its ‘Need for Seat’ branding. The Quadceptor Casual might set you back £290, but with its high back and generous padding it also features an eSports armrest, with finger rest and softpad, plus head pillow and lumbar support.

Of course, if you’d prefer something a little more subdued (and cheaper), Nitro Concepts does the popular C80 Motion gaming chair for around £140. Designed like a racing car seat, the C80 is available in a range of two-tone schemes – black with coloured panels – and made from hardwearing polyurethane faux leather. Its light on gizmos but is well padded and certainly looks very comfortable and sturdy.

Better gaming chairs
Your next step up is around the £200-£400 mark. This will get you a very good, attractive chair that’s fully adjustable.

Vertagear, for example, does a line of chairs from £230 to over £700. However the Racing Series PL6000 is a great mid-range chair for around the £360 mark. It’s a solid and stylish offering, available in seven black and colour combinations, including a striking orange and white plus camouflage.

Solidly built, the PL6000 has loads of adjustability, with backrest tilt from 80 to 150 degrees and four-direction arm rests, and both neck and lumbar pillows for additional comfort. The perforated PVC cover is designed to keep you cool, when the action heats up.

One advantage of slightly higher budget is that you can get a dedicated chair with built in support for gaming peripherals, such as steering wheels, pedals and gear shift, or aeroplane-style joystick and controls.

Playseat provides a number of solutions, including the Playseat Revolution, a £290 unit with the required brackets attached, enabling you to build you own indoor arcade machine. The downside of this setup is the lack of adjustability; the upside is a more immersive gaming experience. If you’re a lover of racing games, this is ideal.

Luxury gaming chairs
Gamers with money to spare can treat themselves to some pretty fancy furniture. Noblechairs start at around £300, but if you’re willing to break the £500 barrier, you can pick up the Icon Top Grain Leather Gaming Chair for £519.

These classy chairs – which look like they’ve been lifted from a Bentley Continental GT – are a no-expense spared exercise in luxury, with diamond pattern stitched leather cushions and precision-engineered base. But with highly adjustable back and armrests, it offers both form and function.

In the same price bracket is AKRacing’s Onyx Deluxe. For €549 (£490) you get a stylish black leather chair with similar stitching to the Noblechair, with separate neck and lumbar cushions in leather. The chair is fully adjustable, with a locking seat back mechanism, enabling you to tilt it to any position – including almost horizontal should your gaming exertions require a quick 40 winks.

Extreme gaming chairs
Of course, if you love your PC gaming and money’s no object, then perhaps we can tempt you with the MWE Lab Emperor XT Motorised Ergonomic Gaming Chair. This amazing device provides the ultimate gaming experience with support for three 27-inch monitors, soft lighting, adjustable seat and leg rests, plus 2.1 audio, with stereo speakers and subwoofer.

The system is fitted with a robust industry-tested Iron Horse 3000 seat and can tilt its passenger back by 35 degrees for extra comfort. The Emperor is built to order and cost anywhere from between $5,300 to $7,000 (£4,000 to £5,400) depending on your chosen spec. However you could also opt for the Ingrem J20 workstation from Chinese manufacturer Ningbo, which replicates the Emperor’s main features – and more besides – for between $1500 and $1700 (£1150-£1300).

Now this is how you sit comfortably.

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