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Getting ahead of the wave with technology.

Jamie Ogilvie Writer

How it all began

I was about 11 when I really started becoming interested in the water, when I started to realise that there was no better playground than the sea. I remember splashing around on the shore with a bodyboard when a wave rolled in and broke around 5 meters in front of me.  The surface of the water was so smooth & I remember its crystal blue colour. I was fascinated how water could adopt such shapes and colours. In fact, I still am to this day.

I was right there with my older brothers as they learned to surf at beaches near our home in southern Spain and that’s when I started to fall in love with the sport.

Kepping track of the waves

Surfing is a passion.  You become obsessed.  You never know when the next good swell is going to roll in so you’re always online checking the forecasts and planning when you can hit the beach.  Being constantly up to date with the weather helps me get organised and it’s also helped me get on top of coastal oceanography lectures.

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Technology helps me find the balance between work and play

Good waves are quite rare where I’m from, so when they show up, I want to be free from the responsibility of study.  Technology really helps me balance the time spent between work and play.  Being able to connect with university content remotely and attend some lectures online means I don’t miss out on anything and I’m prepared for the next day in class.

An epic surf session is so much better when you can share it

When you’re out there in the ocean you get the chance to disconnect from life’s worries.  You’re being pulled and pushed by waves and you have to be focused and committed in the moment – and that sense of letting go of everything else is what’s so therapeutic about surfing.  Of course there are so many other pleasures that come from it, travelling to new places, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and sharing it all with family and friends.

Technology doesn’t just help me find the waves, it helps me stay close to the surfing community – and allows us to share our passion.  An epic surf session is so much better when you can share it.  As a laptop, my 2 in 1 allows me to do this as soon as I come out of the water.

We all have our favorite surfers, a lot of who compete in the ASP world tour. I watch their videos in slow motion time and time again, analysing their technique, and looking for ways to improve my own style. But videos aren’t just for learning, they’re also the best way of getting fired up for your own surf. As a tablet, my 2 in 1 lets me watch my favorite videos right there on the beach so I’m fired up and ready to hit the water.

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