Laval Virtual: the public discovers virtual reality innovations

Once again, a whole host of virtual reality innovations were on display at the Laval Virtual exhibition. Virtual reality solutions for archaeology, medicine or even industrial sectors were just waiting to be discovered!

Every year, the Mayenne region in France welcomes the international virtual reality exhibition to the town of Laval. For five days, both the public and professionals were able to discover the stakeholders and companies who are investing in this technology to develop their sectors. Culture, industry, health and beauty – virtual reality offers every sector a whole host of possibilities.

Museums and History in the Modern Age

For a long time, cultural organizations have been considered boring and in this sense, the arrival of virtual reality could be a sign of a revival. Several firms were offering culture as a theme. For example, communication company Edikom have come up with using photogrammetry technology on objects or structures unearthed in archaeological digs. With these tools, you can observe an object, building or area in all of its forms without risking damaging it. They also offer visitors the opportunity to go on virtual visits or better visualize the structure of ruined buildings.

Making Science Popular with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is also used by the scientific community! Japanese companies and laboratories are using augmented or virtual reality headsets in the areas of medicine and health. This can be seen for example in the Itamiya laboratory project, which, using Microsoft HoloLens headset technology, has developed the simulation of surgical procedures on holographic patients.

In the case of the Real Baby, Real Family project, the mission for virtual reality is to encourage the Japanese population to have children. In an aging, career-focused society, the birth rate in Japan is plummeting. This experience offers the user the opportunity to create a baby using their own and their partner’s faces, then learn how to take care of their child to recreate the best moments of parenthood.

Manufacturers at the Cutting Edge of Technology

Augmented reality is also being used more and more in industrial sectors. In the automotive industry, it can be used to look at each part and mechanism of a vehicle without having to take it apart and above all, it makes the assembly workers’ job easier. In any event, this is Diota’s approach, specializing in augmented reality in the industrial sector. Whether it is for a private or commercial vehicle, or even a fighter plane, managing passenger compartments is facilitated by the use of either a tablet or HoloLens headset which accurately transmits the composition of devices.

With its fantastic collection of technological innovations, the Laval Virtual exhibition is becoming an unmissable event for all technology enthusiasts. This year, Laval Virtual welcomed no less than 17,000 visitors – a record to be beaten again next year!

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