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LEGO Minecraft world record attempt

Combining the endless blocky possibilities of one of the most popular video games of all time and the endless blocky possibilities of one of the most popular toys of all time.
Yes, we’re talking about LEGO Minecraft.

Julie Broberg is Co-creation Manager on the community team at LEGO and her and her team create experiences like using LEGO with fans. At the recent BRICK LEGO show in London they set about creating an enormous LEGO Minecraft diorama.

This was the first time her team has tried something like this and one of the main aims was to see what the package needs to contain.
“We found it needs to contain a lot more bricks than we ordered and to see if it all works and see if anyone is interested. I am overwhelmed by the interest, it’s crazy,” she said laughing.

Julie said that she had to make a special trip to the LEGO store in central London to get more of the essential green LEGO bases that the fans were using to make their Minecraft creations. This popularity is being replicated in retail as LEGO Minecraft looks as though it will be one of the hit toys this Christmas with many toy stores, online and offline, selling out.


The idea was a massive success, 17.1m2 to be precise. So big in fact that it is in the Guinness Book of Records as being the largest LEGO video game diorama.

“Several parents said to me that they like LEGO Minecraft so much because now when they say to the kids that they are limiting their screen time that kids can still play Minecraft,” Julie said explaining one reason for its popularity.

“Parents like Minecraft as a video game because it’s quite creative and with LEGO children can just keep building in the same when they are offline. It appeals to the kids in that way too. We have maintained the Minecraft bricks just in plastic.”

Julie also had some ideas as to how LEGO has remained popular in the age of video games.
“I think LEGO has stayed popular despite the rise of video games because we like to have something physical in our hands. We all work behind a computer and we don’t have anything tangible at the end of the day and I think we want and seek that and LEGO is that tangible thing that you can see what you have built when you are done building. It’s just so creative and I am blown away with their creativity. I’m the kind of builder where I have to have the instructions in front of me, the kids though they just dig right in and it’s just amazing.”

Julie works in the department called LEGO Ideas where fans can submit their ideas. When something receives 10,000 votes they look at whether to make it or not. Julie works with the fans after LEGO has decided to make it.

One of the newest sets is the Big Bang Theory set. This was an idea from the same fan who came up with Research Institute set that included female scientists. She is the first person to have two LEGO Ideas sets made, so she’s pretty lucky.

“She’s a scientist and works in Sweden and I think it will have a huge appeal to that community that loves Big Bang Theory,” Julie added.

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