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Since 2009 they’ve been developing games aimed at kids ages 2-8. They take beloved literary characters from books like Pippi Longstocking and create family-friendly games that are both fun and brain boosting. These games really do allow you to sit down with your son or daughter and have fun while learning. To learn more about Filimundus,  I spoke with their CEO.

Interview with Linus Feldt

I’ve always wondered, where did the name Filimundus come from?

We started the company to create an online world for kids. So the idea was a kid’s world. In Latin, “fili” means “kids” and “mundus” means “world”. So Filimundus is simply Latin for “kid’s world”.


I know your games have a very specific age target, but adults are also finding ways to enjoy your games.

We try not to “kiddify” our games but instead do games we think are fun. We have always been proud of the fact that we are managing to get kids and parents to play together.

Your games touch on great Swedish characters like one of my favorites, Pippi Longstocking. Have you looked at any other authors/characters from other countries?

We have been working with other characters from other countries, mostly German (The Little Polar Bear, The Olchis and others). Branded games tend to be very local.


How do you feel the advancement in technology is changing how kids learn?

The major breakthrough was when devices got “touch-based”. That changed everything for everybody working with kid’s entertainment. But I still feel that there is a need for bigger touch devices because of the social factor. To play and experience together is going to be key in the near future.

What inspires you to create the types of games you develop?

My inspiration comes purely from the joy of seeing kids playing our games and having fun. If the kids are having fun we know that they will learn.

What was your most rewarding moment during or after development of your games?

To see kids playing our games is rewarding beyond compare.


What are you currently working on?

We are currently working with a title where you can do your own inventions. Following the success of Pettson’s Inventions we decided to create a tool where you can create the weirdest inventions. It is a great game where you learn about physics and problem solving, but in a fun way. The game will be really fun to play on the an big-screened All-In-One PC with multi-touch functions. It will be a great collaboration tool.

How have you tried to drive innovation over the years?

By giving the team a lot of freedom to improvise and polish the game. Sometimes we do game jams where we just create small games from the top of our heads. That leads to contemporary development.

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