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Pamper your plants with the Parrot Flower Power

Silvia Moyá Writer


Until recently, I associated the brand name Parrot with hands-free devices for the car and aerial drones. I use the former and have seen the latter, given that drones have been used for streaming catwalks at many fashion shows (one of the fields I work in).

However, I am not here to talk about drones, hands-free devices or fashion. I am here to talk to you about how we can take care of our plants with the help of a new product from Parrot — the Parrot Flower Power, the ultimate Internet of Things gadget for gardeners.

The device measures sunlight, humidity and soil salinity

With a design similar to a tiny tree trunk, this sensor should be placed in the pot that you want monitor. The device then compiles all the information used to measure your plant’s needs and sends all the collected data via Bluetooth to a corresponding free app. This data includes the amount of sunlight that reaches the plant, the ambient temperature, the humidity and the salinity of the soil.

In addition, the app contains a database of over six thousand different types of plants along with their properties, so you can look after your plants in the best possible way according to their specific, individual needs.


Personally, I think the Parrot Flower Power is an extremely interesting product—and not only as a gift for gardeners who are slightly forgetful or absent-minded when it comes to watering their plants. It is also ideal for teaching children about responsibility, as it shows them how to interact with, look after and appreciate nature in a fun and simple way.

With a Parrot Flower Power sensor, children can be responsible for monitoring their own plants and watering them when required. The device is also extremely useful for when you are ready to create an urban garden on your terrace.

I resisted this urge until very recently due to my lack of knowledge on how to care for plants. Yet thanks to the Parrot Flower Power, I will now be able to enjoy fresh tomatoes, peppers, oranges and lemons throughout the season, as well as flowers and other plants in all their splendour, without having to seek out professional help. What more could you ask for?


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