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Racing on a tablet? You bet!

There is no better way to fully enjoy having an Intel processor in your tablet than by playing a high end tablet race game. You need Intel level performance and an outstanding battery life that keeps up with your driving skills. The racing simulation game GTR2, developed by Gameloft, is a perfect candidate to try it out yourself.


It allows the most realistic driving experience on mobile devices thanks to an improved graphics engine. With GTR2 you can choose cars from 19 different manufacturers including 25 iconic GT cars like the Ferrari 599 and the Ford Shelby GT 500. You can enter a comprehensive career mode that will take you to Monaco, Rio, Shanghai and more.
To play this game on a tablet you only need to tilt you tablet to the left or to the right. With this option, it is very easy to control driving.

iQ sat down with Nicolas Pochez, OEM Director at Gameloft.

Nicolas, what does it mean to develop a game on a tablet?

Developing games for mobile platforms is always a challenge due to the diversity of devices. We need to take into account different screen resolutions, types of chipsets, and even the physical size of the devices.

For a fast paced game like GTR2, the stability of the FPS is a must. We always need to make sure the FPS stays as close as possible to 30 FPS, while providing the best visual quality, as our customers are used to high visual Gameloft standards.

The stability of the FPS is a must.

Another challenge on tablets, is the steering of the car when using gyroscope controls. You need to take into consideration the sensors which might differ from device to device.
A final challenge, is to deal with the physical size of the device. There is a different control tuning based on the physical size, as there is a noticeable difference when using a large device versus using a phone to play the game.

How does GTR2 take full advantage of the Intel Atom Z-series Quad Core processor?

GTR2 didn’t yet take advantage of the 64bit architecture. At that time the technology was new.
However, we did take real advantage of the Intel® HD Graphics. On GTR2, you can easily notice effects  that are nowhere to be found on other devices.

Time for a fun iQ project.

First, an Asus MeMOPad 7 ME176CX (a tablet which has an Intel® Atom TM Z3745 processor on board), a Tesla with a WiFi network and a driver were secured. Next, Bob – for his third mission – was invited to come over to an F1 circuit. Finally, a couple of drones were launched high up in the sky to get you the best view on the circuit.


One final thing. Bob’s mum got involved too. For a surprise call via mom

Did Bob succeed in his new mission? Find it out now.

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