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Real Robocops: From 2017, Dubai police will have robot reinforcements


The eccentricity of the Dubai Police first became apparent when they unveiled their latest patrol cars: a Lamborghini Aventador and a Ferrari FF, two of the fastest and most luxurious vehicles on the market.

In this extraordinary desert paradise, with skyscraping buildings that top 500 metres, artificially built islands and seven star hotels, it was clear that extraordinary an police force was needed.


But the biggest novelty was launched a few years ago. Colonel Khalid Nasser Alrazooqui, the Director of the General Administration of Intelligence Services for the Dubai Police, announced that specialists in the Arab world had reached a very advanced stage in robot development and, in 2017, experiments with real robot police officers would begin on the streets, with standalone mobile units being introduced in 2020.

At the press conference to unveil the project, Dubai Police didn’t clarify what exactly these robots will do. But it was established that they would take part in interactive patrols for maintaining order, would be able to give tourist information, and would perform their duties in shopping centres or in public parks.


“They will have artificial intelligence, will not need to be controlled by people, will speak six languages spoken worldwide, will make jokes and will take care of children in particular,” Nasser said. “They will not be armed, but will have microphones and monitors in permanent connection with the police security system.”

Photo source: dubaipolice.gov.ae

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