Sublimotion, the world’s first gastronomic show

Since opening in Ibiza three years ago, Sublimotion has become the greatest attraction for all five senses. The attraction is labeled as “the most expensive restaurant in the world,” but it’s much more than just a restaurant. It’s a unique experience where fine dining meets art and technology.

Over a 15-course meal, diners are transported to the Orient Express, to the deepest darkest forest, to the depths of the ocean and to an incredible circus — all from the comfort of their table. This is possible thanks to sophisticated audiovisual montages, creative scenery and the latest technology. The restaurant has just one room, covering 70 square meters, reaching 7 meters high, and featuring sophisticated audiovisual montages. Images and videos projected onto the walls and ceiling complement the culinary experience. Meanwhile, effects such as shaking and levitating add a sense of motion, while the room temperature changes depending on the dish and aromas transport diners to another world. This is truly an all-round immersive experience. The table, which seats 12, is one of the most important technological developments in the field of gastronomic innovation.

The world’s first gastronomic show

The Sublimotion project is the result of two years’ intense work involving a collaboration of professionals from a variety of fields; from chefs, designers, engineers and illusionists, to scenographers, architects, choreographers and scriptwriters. Together, they have combined fine dining with the latest technology to create the world’s first gastronomic show. Eduardo Gonzáles, the Director of Sublimotion, says “Sublimotion has 25 members of staff: our booking manager, the kitchen team, engineers, designers, technical managers and scene managers. The restaurant is probably the first gastronomic show. It’s an authentic fusion of food and theater. In a room measuring 70 square meters, 12 diners sit around one table, which forms the stage. In this 360-degree cinematic submersion, everything is designed and synchronized to stimulate and enhance the ancestral ritual of gathering around a table to enjoy food while sharing conversation, gastronomy and experience.”


Just like a rock concert

Without a doubt, the secret of Sublimotion’s success lies in the thrill it provides. Menu and theater combine to stimulate the senses, providing guests with a gastro-sensory experience that goes far beyond fine dining and incorporates the latest technology. “The Sublimotion technical team is similar to that required for a rock concert,” González explains. Within 70 square meters, we have seven 2K projectors, fans, lighting, levitating and shaking effects and devices that allow us to shake cocktails without touching them, make plates float in front of the diners, and more.” All of this equipment is maintained and coordinated using computers with Intel® Core™ i7 processors.


Gonzáles says that “to synchronize several teams, we need the reliability offered by Intel® Core™ i7 processors, which allow us to create smooth images in a high-tech environment as demanding as Sublimotion.”

The improved graphic potential, speed, performance and efficiency provided by the Intel® Core™ i7 processors are essential for keeping Sublimotion’s technological network running without the risk of problems. These processers make it possible to run several high-consumption programs at the same time without sacrificing performance. The processors allow for the fast video coding, image rendering, audio production and real-time previews required for a performance which, as well as being live, has its tempo dictated by the diners.


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