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The Architecture of Radio visualises the secret world of wireless signals


We live in a world surrounded by invisible bubbles of Wi-Fi, mobile phone networks and GPS signals. What might this world look like? Is there a way to see the pulsing swirls of unseen data?

Yes, there is. The Architecture of Radio is an app that offers a “realtime, location based visualization of cell towers, Wi-Fi routers, communication, navigation and observation satellites and their signals.”

It reveals the infosphere in all of its binary glory, a digital landscape of spikes and clouds, bright data points and eddies of ones and zeros. Install the app on a smartphone or tablet and, like popular star gazing apps, you can look around you in 360 degrees, watching the various signals fluctuate and ping.


Hiding the visible, revealing the invisible

The Architecture of Radio project, by artist Richard Vijgen, has already been exhibited at the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany and will be on show there until April 2016.

According to Vijgen, the objective was to visualise the infosphere and the entire signal network supporting it — hiding the visible, revealing the invisible.

“At a certain moment you will be in a place you don’t know anything about. Using the application, you will know whether you can be called on your mobile phone or whether you have Wi-Fi network”, Vijgen said.

The launch of The Architecture of Radio on iOS is planned for the end of 2015, while an Android version is promised in early 2016. Watch it in action below.

Photo source: architectureofradio.com

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