The Floating Seahorse: The deluxe houseboat with an underwater view

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At the end of last year, we were amazed by the daring design of a cliff house that could allow its owners to live hanging over the edge of a sheer cliff face in Australia. Too precarious for you? Then how about living in a 5-star houseboat with a spectacular underwater view?

In Dubai, the Kleindienst Group (a company specializing in real estate development and investment) is constructing what it calls “Floating Seahorses” — 42 limited-edition luxury villas built on water, much like houseboats. The difference between these villas and your typical houseboats isn’t just that they are far more luxurious. There is also a special feature below deck.

Since one side of each villa is fully glazed, the Seahorses allow a unique view of the world underwater.


Counting fish to fall asleep

The marine residences—developed as part of the “Heart of Europe” island project—consist of three levels: one completely underwater, one at sea level, and one in the form of an upper deck. The designers have understandably placed the bedroom—complete with en-suite bathroom—on the underwater level—the idea being that nobody could struggle to get to sleep in such an environment.


The materials used to construct the houseboats—in particular, the aquarium room—and the methods used to manufacture them have not (yet) been publicised by the company.

The same goes for the price of a “Floating Seahorse”, which is available only on request. Although if reports are to be believed, each houseboat will cost just under 1.2 million euros. For that price, these villas can apparently be delivered anywhere in the world, but they are not intended or designed as vessels for sailing the world’s oceans.

Land ahoy at the end of 2016

Josef Kleindienst, the Austrian head of the eponymous Kleindienst Group, is convinced that the company is setting “a new benchmark in the luxury lifestyle market worldwide” with the Floating Seahorses.

A new benchmark for a luxurious living

After presenting his concept to the public at the Dubai International Boat Show in March, his company received the go-ahead to implement the project. According to the company itself, a number of enquiries have already been received.


Whether or not this project will be fully realised will only become clear by the end of 2016, when the first houseboats are due to be finished.

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