A trip around the World, connected to the Cloud for solidarity

After suffering an injury two years ago that left him in a wheelchair for several months due to avascular necrosis, Hugo Scagnetti promised himself that he would walk again and travel around the world. His objective: to publicize and raise funds to support the work of scientific research centers on tissue regeneration using stem cells in children.

This is how the Globalrider 80 project, a round-the-world journey on a motorcycle connected to the Internet, was born. As the motorcycle was able to stream content in real time, all of Hugo’s followers could experience the adventure with him.

With the motto “Moving forward is the only way to return,” Hugo completed his 80-day journey around the world on a Yamaha motorcycle connected to the cloud. On this 23,000-mile journey, multimedia content and vehicle telematics such as temperature, emissions, pressure, inclination, acceleration and location were streamed in real time.

In order to keep his promise, Hugo counted on the support of his own employer, Telefónica, as well as Yamaha and other partners such as Beesion, Mapfre, Rukka, SanDisk, SW-Motech, Symantec and Telnet Ri. Other collaborations included Acens, Asus, CartoDB, Dynamic Line, Garmin, Iberia, Last Lap, Michelin, Parrot, Pegatin, Pléyade, Redverz, Sociograph Neuromarketing and thethings.iO.

Intel, committed to the Internet of Things and united in its key objective to improve the world through technological innovation, worked on this venture by developing an IoT gateway in collaboration with Telnet. The purpose of this gateway was to capture and send data to Telefónica’s cloud services using M2M Global connectivity, a service offered by this operator which is based on Intel’s Atom E3845 microprocessor.

This IoT gateway, located on the motorcycle, made it possible to track a whole host of data regarding the vehicle’s performance, such as speed, acceleration and fuel consumption. For example, if the motorcycle fell down, Hugo would receive a call within minutes to check that everything was alright.

All the data recorded was integrated into a time reference and GPS positioning system. This system allowed anyone who accessed the project’s website to follow the progress of the adventure in real time along the entire route. Using this information, we could monitor the motorcycle’s mechanical behavior and performance, the type of road or even the amount of effort exerted by the rider by monitoring his vital signs and state of mind, among other things. As an example, Hugo received a call from His Majesty Felipe VI of Spain within hours of embarking on the Globalrider 360 adventure, which triggered a peak in his emotional state on the dashboard.

In addition, the gateway recorded and transmitted photos and videos taken by Hugo on his cell phone, camera, 360-degree action camera and a 500-g drone throughout the 80-day trip. He was then subsequently able to use this footage to produce a TV documentary, the profits from which will be donated to the adventure’s cause.

Thanks to this difficult journey, Hugo was able to keep his promise and all the funds raised from this incredible trip will go to La Paz and Puerta de Hierro-Majadahonda Hospitals where they will be used for stem-cell therapy research. To do your bit to help, click here.

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